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Contextual World & U.S. History

Spreadsheet  Description


This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet lists more than 3,700 historically important events in (a) chronological order from the Big Bang at the top down to 2018 at the bottom; (b) more than 7,100 lines/rows, and (c) 5 columns (categories of events). Cell(s) for each event indicate (1) when (year), (2) where (nation or geographic area), (3) what occurred or was done, and (4) who did or accomplished what).  [See the sample screenshot in a pdf file.]

Column 1 (left side):  Nations  & Governments; Wars & Weapons; Peace

Column 2:                   Exploration; Transportation; Communication; Business and Trade

Column 3:                   Nature; Health; Science, Invention & Technology                    

Column 4 (Culture):   Peoples; Customs & Activities; Books/Knowledge; Religions/Beliefs        

Column 5 (Culture):   Music; Art; Sculpture; Theater, Dance, Poetry, Film; Architecture/Building(s)


No textbook or online reference enables students to accomplish the actions below anywhere near as quickly, easily, visually, and insightfully as this resource.



Years having one or more significant events are listed down the left side of the sheet and for each event in each  of the five columns (categories of events), This enables students to scroll easily both backward and forward in time to identify changes or trends in various types of historical events.  (See the sample screenshot in a pdf file.)


Five columns across the spreasheet enable students to see what was also occurring or being done during the same time frame in other areas of interest. Events in the five columns (categories of interests) are color-coded for quick and easy visual search.  [See sample screenshot.]


In many cases, arrows pointing from an event to one or more other columns indicate that an event is causing, influencing, or contributing to one or more events in the other category/ categories--or will do so over time. 

Note:  This reference generally complies with, and contributes to achieving, Illinois Learning Standards for Social Science (History), Grades 9-12.



We have also developed similar spreadsheets for British and Canadian histories.



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